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I coach purpose-driven women to create power in their voice,
rewrite their story, so that they can maximize their impact.

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How to Stand in
Your Power

Learn how acidic thoughts impact your cells in your body. Find out how your background "noise" is  exhausting your energy and your progress. Create clean thoughts that give you power to hush the inner critic and lead with the inner coach. It's time to utilize your gifts,  serve with your talents and empower your voice as a force for good. 

Stand in Your Power

Welcome Friend,

unlock the power of your why

What is your why? If you aren’t sure, you're in the right place. Your why is your core reason for what gives you meaning, connection, and drives you in your life. It is your essence. Your why inspires you. It is your purpose, and that my friend, boosts well-being. You need both. 
Your clarity will inspire and reignite your light. Your why not only impacts your life's work, but your personal and family life. You will feel more joy because the work you do in the world matters. This will unlock the power of your voice.  I'm here to help you uncover it, and articulate “your why” so you can serve those you are drawn to help with greater impact and lead boldly for those who look up to you.

the how to stand in your power guide

powerful benefits of purposeful living


Can boost your well-being, be therapeutic, lengthen your life and have a higher quality immune system* including calming your heart


Can decrease your stress, strengthen resilience against storms of doubt, and challenges

*National Life of Medicine
National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

Can center you, help you focus, prioritize, improve decision making, manage time and increase productivity. 

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Hello there,

My name is francis.

I am a combination of peace and fire. I have always been passionate in helping the youth and adults uncover their worth. I have always loved inspiring and helping women and children illuminate their light with greater confidence and articulate their voice in the world. 

Army B.R.A.T.
 Mother of Boys,
Purpose & Mission Driven

The worth of every soul is great.

An educator with a background teaching all ages with a depth of understanding of holistic human development and life stages infused with self-expression, growth mindset thinking and writing. My passion and goal has always been deeply rooted in building confidence and finding the voice of the human soul. I have taught deep self-reflection through the value of writing to think, create, express, and problem solve. I have taught and coached about the power of thoughts and words in shaping one's life. I have led workshops and cohorts for women to help identify who they truly are, cultivated self-advocacy and resilience in order to design a purpose-driven lifestyle so that they can maximize their impact, lead boldly, and lift with love for those they serve.

YES to coaching! My main challenge was just feeling like I was a horrible Mom. I didn't even realize this was my biggest issue in my life. The questions Francis asked during the first session helped me recognize this problem, figure out simple solutions, and gave me confidence and inner peace within the first week. Honestly, even just meeting with Francis that first week gave me an immediate
BIG WIN in my life.

-Ruthie Caldwell

Owner of Vision Granted – Chief Grant Writing &
Project Management Consultant

I help women reignite the power of their "why" through purpose  & mission driven coaching. Women will write profound micro memoirs in a highly introspective coaching experience. This unique experience is like no other. 

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In Love & Light,  Francis

Ready to have more meaning in your life?

polaroid your moment 

 What is the one polaroid snapshot in your mind that keeps you from stepping in with both feet
 into your fullest capacity? Does it affect you socially, intellectually, physically, or  spiritually? 
Get honest for you. It's time  to take a new picture; so you can tell your story to inspire those you lead.