My mission is to help women learn how to find power within, illuminate their light, fulfill their purpose so that they are strengthen to lead the rising generation.

Every human being has a purpose and a contribution to offer in the world. Each  individual has at least one gift or talent to help serve in some capacity. It is not meant to be buried and kept hidden.

There is fire deep in my essence that every soul is of great worth. I will help every woman within my reach, remember her power. She will remember who she is, and so will her posterity.

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 Francis brings you the art and science of a human development expert, educator and certified life coach.

Francis has lived all over the world.  She has lived and traveled in Asia, Europe and various states across the nation from California, New York to Las Vegas, and Kentucky. She is well acquainted with many cultures from around the world. She holds a B.A. in Human Development and Family Sciences. She never stops learning to give back to the rising generation. She also holds master studies and certifications in holistic health and nutrition, Simply Music,  AMS Montessori 6-12 certified, and is a certified life coach. She has taught growth mindset and introspective writing to students for nearly twenty years in written, oratory and music form.

What about you?



What makes you feel alive?


What do you believe in?


 what is your deepest desire in life?

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Education, family, women, young people, health & wellness, writing, clarity, composing music, singing with friends, culture and diversity, peace and civility, nature, my faith, believing in human potential, creativity, impacting the world with good and healing 

What do you care about?

What about you?

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 Together, You Can

 say who you are.
you're worth it.

Be undeniable. The alternative? You deny your talents, and your skills. You bury  your wisdom, your experience, your humanity,  and your voice. Nourish your essence.

You have the power to make a difference.