Stand in Your Power

She walks into the darkness with courage, one step at at time. She is still scared and remembers the smell of her old blood that has scarred her. The armor she wears is courage and faith. She is resilient. Now she is ready to rise up again. It is time to build an armor of self-love against the darts of self-sabotage that slowly poisons her mind and spirit in ways she knows not. She has fire in her soul and light in her eyes ready to combat and embrace the most powerful, beautiful, and invincible armor she will ever put on. She is you.   



"My mind in more mature and my thoughts have become more present. I have learned more about who I am and the story I want to share with others throughout my life. I feel like the program has helped me break through a block that has been stopping me for a while. I am more confident and know that I can change the way I see the situations in my everyday life.  I have learned to breathe more and to show up for myself."

 EmmaLee Bankhead 


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