What I Do

I help you to take your talents, skills and passion to uncover or reignite your purpose so you can find more joy and meaning in your life. I help you generate clean thinking, recharge after the traffic jam of thoughts get cleared up so you can accelerate your progress and get back to LIVING. 

Coaching helps reveal your mind to yourself. This is where big changes in your life can start.

The coaching philosophy you'll learn with the FS program is called "causal coaching." We get to the root of your "why" and where you are stuck. My coaching approach is a combination of methodology and empowering you with your own wisdom, I just help you see the blind spots that you can't always see. 

I offer tools that eventually you can customize as your go -to toolkit to help you when you need it in a snap. And like training your muscles, you have to grow them to strengthen them regularly. This is so with coaching, you can develop skills to train your "muscle mind."

You make all the decisions. You will realize the gift and power of choice, and the  freedom to think for yourself on a whole new level. I help close the gap between the hard areas of your life and the ability to plant new seeds of hope, believable goals and intentionally nurturing those seeds to harvest your desired result. 

The tools  are efficient, powerful and personal. They will greatly increase your resilience to what holds you back from what you dare to dream. Think of it this way, if you keep pounding your fist on the nails to hang that beautiful painting on the wall, it's going to hurt, and make it harder for you to want to keep hanging beautiful paintings. But if I give you a solid hammer, the experience will be and feel different. Whether you want to use a hammer or command strips, you have tools to change the way you perform. 



Francis Sowers

real stories

"The classes have made a large impact in my life. I feel like my mind is more mature and my thoughts have become more present. I have learned about who I am and the story I want to share with others throughout my life." 

Emmalee took courage despite of her fears of what others might think. She worked on her dreams to become a business owner. You can find her business at

- EmmaLee Bankhead



"In just a few brief sessions, Francis helped me take control of my life again."

- Ruthie Caldwell

Ways to Work Together

1:1 FS Coaching

Twelve 50 minute exclusive one-on-one customized coaching sessions. Develop skills to combat challenges and bounce back in half the time while aligning your purpose.

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FS Signature Studio

Deep dive into a fusion of an introspective coaching experience to unlock your authentic voice, discover creative power to ignite your story through expressive and profound  micro writing. 

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 FS Bespoke Workshop

COMING SOON! Group workshops in personal or professional development with specialized focus on interconnected purpose-driven growth.

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1:1 FS Coaching

Coaching helps reveal your mind to yourself. This is where empowering  changes in your life can start.

The coaching philosophy you'll learn with this program is called "causal coaching."  Coaching is not about treating the symptoms. It is about finding the root to a greater understanding and elevated self-awareness then helps you change your course of action. Plant and cultivate new seeds of hope to see your success and fulfillment. 

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you are ambitious, introspective and desire to rekindle your purpose to enrich your life and impact the lives of others for the better.

FS Signature Studio

You are a creator and you crave to articulate your voice and make a deeper impact. 


  • you want to deep dive into an authentic, coaching and mentoring experience to create a go-to powerful micro  memoir writing approach as an empowering vehicle to articulate your voice, and process emotions, while gaining profound insights about yourself.  

This is an intimate and empowering coaching and micro memoir writing experience. Get introspective. Meditate, and pause from the noise. Be still, and preserve your timeless voice powerful words. Extract the essence of who you are and rewrite your story to free your voice. Create a personalized micro memoris signature collection that you will never forget. You will find deeper courage and a stronger belief to remember who you are, rooted in the richness of your mighty words.

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Words Hold Power

"design your life  with intentional memories and  a language
to perserve them." 

 Francis Sowers

DOES coaching WORK?

real women, real results

Tiffany went from deep self-doubt to 10x in personal confidence 

“Wow. I didn't know how powerful destructive negative thoughts can be.”

Tiffany, at 42, took the plunge and prepared for her entry into nursing school. She dedicated her time to her son and and still does, yet she wanted to empower herself with options to grow herself in her life.  She was able to press forward despite her doubts, and return to school after many years. Tiffany is on her way to graduating, has lost over 30 pounds and bought herself a Jeep Wrangler.

- Tiffany K.

Jillian went from feeling inadequate to empowered and inspiring her family

“The classes were truly an eye-opening experience for me. It has changed my life.”

"I appreciated most was the emphasis on self-reflection and self-awareness. Through a variety of exercises and discussion, Francis encouraged us to explore our own personal values, beliefs, and coping mechanisms in order to better understand ourselves and our responses to difficult situations."

- Jillian Powell

Ruthie went from surviving to thriving in her business

“ I gained so much from these coaching sessions with Francis. I was so busy, I was not allowing myself time to step outside of the work I was doing and evaluate the way I was working.”

"This coaching session helped me make a focused effort and guided me to ask questions I didn't know I needed to ask so that I could reevaluate my life and my business." 

- Ruthie Caldwell


Can boost your well-being,
be therapeutic, lengthen your life and have a higher quality immune system* 


Can decrease your stress, strengthen resilience against storms of doubt,  uncertainty, rejection, things that are not in your control


Can center you, help you focus, prioritize, better decision making skills, create more joy. meaning, and productivity

*National Life of Medicine 
National Institutes of Health (NIH) (.gov)

A Glance into the Benefits of a Purpose-Driven Life

Let's Go

your fs coaching experience awaits

I can't wait to hear what inspires you and see what impact you will be making on a whole new level.  I'll meet you on the  inside.